LeapFrog Distribution Singapore

LeapFrog Enterprises Inc manufactures LeapFrog Toys. The company values early childhood development and the nurturing of children’s minds so much that they have built a reputation for itself as one of the leading brands in educational baby toys and toddler toys.

What Are LeapFrog Toys?

LeapFrog’s core vision is to foster an early interest in education by introducing a range of fun and interactive learning products, including LeapFrog Adventures, LeapStart, LeapBuilder, Rockit Twist and Learn and Groove. The Tag Reading System uses patented phonics technology that teaches children to read correctly through teaching methods and audio instructions. Plus, LeapFrog products work with each other, so learning is more fun and interactive!

For those interested in the LeapFrog catalogue from the USA or UK, consider contacting us, Infantree Pte Ltd, the local distributor, to purchase them in bulk or purchase them from this website. Not only will it save you time and shipping costs, but you’ll also benefit from reliable product support from our team.

What Are The Benefits From Purchasing LeapFrog Toys Directly From The Distributor?

Buying LeapFrog Toys directly from us is a good idea, not only because it’s more convenient, but there are many advantages as well. Let’s go through the reasons you should consider buying your LeapFrog toys from LeapFrog’s distributor in Singapore.

More Savings With LeapFrog Distribution in Singapore

One of the primary advantages of buying items from us is that we sell at LeapFrog’s best price and run LeapFrog promotions, which resellers may not be aware of!  

That means you can save money and can think of buying other holiday gifts as well!
Not to mention, you also save time as you don’t have to spend hours looking through Lazada or other online selling platforms to find your child’s favourite toy to compare prices.

Payment Is Easier Too

One of the other advantages of purchasing from Infantree Pte Ltd, LeapFrog Toy’s official distributor in Singapore,  is that you can make payments in the local currency (SGD). Meaning,  you don’t have to deal with foreign exchange rates or extra fees for credit cards, so it’s more convenient!

More Variants and Models In Stock

Buying directly from the distributor also means you have more product options available to you. Some retailers may not have the specific toy or variant in stock that your child would like. Since we directly replenish our product stocks from LeapFrog Global regularly, chances are we will have the exact item you are looking for ready for immediate purchase. This way, you do not have to get on a “waiting list” to receive your item. 

The Best Deals Are Straight From LeapFrog’s Distributor In Singapore

As mentioned, buying directly from distributors has many benefits, and perhaps the best one is exclusive deals and discounts that distributors can provide customers. Infantree Pte Ltd. procures LeapFrog products directly from the global manufacturer. Meaning, we have access to special discounts for ordering in bulk. These savings can then be passed on to our customers through discounts or promotions. That way, you don’t end up paying more than necessary for your child’s favourite toy.

Product Authenticity Guaranteed   

When you buy from Infantree Pte Ltd or other licensed distributors of LeapFrog Toys in Singapore, you can rest assured that your purchase is guaranteed authentic. With an authentic product, you can register it on the official LeapFrog Singapore website and gain access to additional content, warranty, repairs, and replacements. Also, knowing that you have a genuine product ensures your child’s safety as some knock-offs may have defective parts, use cheap toxic materials, or have loose mechanical parts.

Resellers vs Distributors

There is no harm in buying your LeapFrog Toys from individual resellers like those you will find on popular shopping platforms like Lazada or Shopee, but when doing so, always exercise caution. Make sure to chat with the seller and confirm the authenticity of the product before making the purchase. You should also ask for a recent picture to see if it is in its original packaging. If possible, request for the receipt of purchase and reason for selling as well. 

You may opt for this option because of the available vouchers these shopping platforms provide, giving you free shipping or higher savings than the discounts provided by the distributor. While it is generally safe, just be thorough in your purchase to prevent a wrong purchase. 

The bottom line? Purchasing directly from Infantree Pte Ltd and other licensed distributors like Toys ‘R Us saves money for parents with kids who love playing with these toys. It is also worth mentioning that buying from the Leapfrog distributor in Singapore means you don’t have to worry about anything. We will take care of everything for you, including shipping, warranty, customer care, and product support. That way, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a little more peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of by the Infantree team.

Other Ways To Purchase LeapFrog Toys In Singapore

LeapFrog Toys are available in a lot of popular toy store chains and department stores. One common place you can find LeapFrog Toys that are guaranteed to be of excellent quality is at Toys ‘R Us Singapore. You can find a store near you by navigating to this page

You may also purchase LeapFrog Toys from other stores such as Hamley’s, Kiddy Palace, Robinsons, Isetan Singapore, and Takashimaya Singapore. Find the complete list of retailers from this page. 

If you want to purchase from individual resellers on Lazada or Shopee, make sure they are authentic products and that the seller has proof of authenticity.  You will also want to make sure the product is new and has not been previously used or recalled. 

Product Support and Information About Your LeapFrog Toy

All LeapFrog Toys purchased from Infantree Pte Ltd come with a unique registration number that you can input on LeapFrog Singapore’s official site. When you register your LeapFrog Toy, you gain access to additional product features and information. Certain toys also come with updates that the LeapFrog Connect system can access. Those who purchase LeapFrog Toys in Singapore can register their purchases here.

The unique registration number also grants you access to product support in case you have questions or need replacements and warranty services.  Even if you purchase from retailers and resellers, LeapFrog will provide you with support and customer care so long as the product is authentic and original.

Leapfrog Singapore trusts in the integrity of its partner distributors and retailers to sell only authentic, original products that have not been previously shelved or recalled. If you need support for defective parts or issues with your LeapFrog Toy, please contact the retailer you purchased from or Infantree Pte Ltd.

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