A to Z Learn With Me Dictionary

Ages: Ages 3-6 yrs.
Explore 200+ words through touch-sensitive pictures, sounds and music while building vocabulary and early dictionary skills.



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A to Z Learn With Me Dictionary

Bolster kids’ budding vocabulary skills with the A to Z Learn With Me Dictionary™! Every page includes engaging, touch-sensitive pictures paired with 200+ words. Simply touch to hear each word and definition read aloud in Explore mode. Colour-coded beginning letters help kids learn about alphabetical order and phonics in Letter mode as they hear letter names and sounds. Game mode includes activities that reinforce learning with letter searches and word hunts in categories like food, animals and more. Can you find an insect with brightly coloured wings? Help kids build word knowledge as they use their eyes, ears and hands to explore letters and words from A to Z.

200+ words

Help kids expand their vocabulary with words for animals, objects, foods and more.

Explore with touch, sight and sounds

Touch colourful pictures on every page to hear words and definitions read aloud in Explore mode.

Learn about letters

Use colour-coded beginning letters to hunt for words and build phonics skills.

Go on a word hunt

Hunt for words based on categories like animals, foods, shapes and more in Game mode.

Build word knowledge

Dictionary exploration reinforces kids' understanding of letters and alphabetical order.

Listen to music

Three learning songs add music to word exploration in Music mode.

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Phonics, Sorting & Classifying, The Alphabet, Vocabulary

The Learning Difference

“With the A to Z Learn With Me Dictionary™, children learn about new words and word connections with category games. Alphabetically ordered words and phonics games help children understand how dictionaries work as they build their knowledge of how letters represent different sounds in print. ” Carolyn James, Ph.D., LeapFrog® Learning Expert


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