LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light 1
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light 1
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light 2
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light 3
Scout's Goodnight Light™
Scout's Goodnight Light™
Scout's Goodnight Light™

Scout's Goodnight Light™

Ages: 9-24 months old
Rocket into dreamland! Blast off on space-pup adventures in flashlight mode, then drift off to sleep with glowing stars and 10 or 20 minutes of bedtime sounds or music.



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LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light-Details 1

Rocket into dreamland

Use as a flashlight to project an image of the planets, or a soothing lullaby nightlight, with volume control and timer.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light-Details 2

Count down to sleep

Glowing numbers and stars shift from red to blue to green as the timer counts down, lighting the way to sleep in nightlight mode.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light-Details 3

Adventures in space

Flip on the flashlight to see the solar system. Explore colors, count stars and learn about planets with astro-pups Scout and Violet.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light-Details 4


Make bedtime out-of-this-world with a unique combination of quiet imaginative play, twinkling stars and lullaby sounds.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light-Details 5

Sound control

Choose from 10 or 20 minutes of solar wind, environmental sounds or Scout's special lullabies. Set the volume to low, high or mute for a soothing shift to sleep.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Goodnight Light-Details 6

Flashlight Adventure Fun

Press the yellow flashlight button to turn on the flashlight and see a colorful projection of eight planets. Hear Scout count the planets and talk about their names and colours.
Weight 0.68 kg
Dimensions 4 × 5.3 × 6.3 cm

3 AA Batteries


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What is included: • Scout's Goodnight Light
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Numbers, Colours, Music & Rhythm

The Learning Difference


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