Butterfly Counting Pal™

Ages: 6-24 months old
Enjoy a flutter of colour with the Butterfly Counting Pal™ plush learning toy. Five colourful number buttons play a variety of songs to teach colours and numbers. A kaleidoscope of colour, Butterfly’s light-up wing shows the colours of the rainbow. She also helps your baby fall asleep with soft, classical melodies. Each segment of this on-the-go toy features a section that crinkles, squeaks or has interesting textures to help develop motor skills and build tactile awareness. Learn at home or on the fly by using the included straps to secure the butterfly to infant carriers and strollers. Intended for ages birth +. Requires two AA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use.



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LeapFrog SG-Butterfly Counting Pal-Details 1

Colourful music

Press the number buttons on Butterfly’s side to hear sing-along songs that explore colours and counting.
LeapFrog SG-Butterfly Counting Pal-Details 2

Rainbow wing

Bright colours fill Butterfly’s wing for a magical light show.
LeapFrog SG-Butterfly Counting Pal-Details 3

Dangling toys

Toy crinkles, squeaks or has interesting textures below each number to encourage fine motor skill development.
LeapFrog SG-Butterfly Counting Pal-Details 4

Classical music

Lullaby mode soothes babies to sleep with up to 10 minutes of soft, classical melodies from Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.
LeapFrog SG-Butterfly Counting Pal-Details 5

On-the-go playtime

Included straps secure the butterfly to infant carriers and strollers for on-the-go learning.
LeapFrog SG-Butterfly Counting Pal-Details 6

Explore different modes

Four modes include: Music, Colours, Numbers and Lullabies for your little one to explore.
Dimensions 7.9 × 32 × 28 cm

2 AA Batteries


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What is included: Plush Butterfly, Parent's Guide



Numbers, Colours, Counting, Music & Rhythm

The Learning Difference

“We designed Butterfly Counting Pal™ to help foster an early sense of numbers through musical phrases, sounds and words. Early number sense has been shown to be critical for later mathematical success.” – Clement Chau, PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert


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