Fun-2-3 Instant Camera
Fun-2-3 Instant Camera
Fun-2-3 Instant Camera
Fun-2-3 Instant Camera

Fun-2-3 Instant Camera

Ages: 1 – 4 years old

Insert a photo to learn all about animals, numbers, shapes and colours with the Fun-2-3 Instant Camera™!



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Photo Cards

Five doubled-sided photo cards teach animals, numbers, shapes and colours

Motor Skills

Look through the colour viewfinder to explore four different colours and turn the lens to learn opposites such as night and day


Play and learn with games, songs and phrases


All five cards are easily stored using the wrist strap
Weight 0.585 kg
Dimensions 95 × 24.5 × 24.1 cm


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What is included: Fun-2-3 Instant Camera™, Parent's Guide



Animals, Colours, Fine Motor Skills, Numbers, Shapes

The Learning Difference

“The Fun-2-3 Instant Camera™ brings early learning into focus by encouraging little ones to recognize numbers, colors and shapes in vibrant photo cards. We designed fun, engaging activities to strengthen connections between what they hear and see in the photos during play.” Ben J. Miller, Ph.D., LeapFrog Learning Expert


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