LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle 1
LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle 1
LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle 2
LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle 3
LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle 4

Sorting Surprise Turtle™

Ages: 9-36 months old

Shape Sorting with a Surprise Spin!

Learn about shapes, colors and numbers with the Sorting Surprise Turtle™. Match the brightly colored shape blocks to the correct holes in the adorable turtle’s shell and it will say the name of the shape, its color or the number on the block. When all of the shapes are inside, press the butterfly button on the turtle’s back and watch the pieces fly out while hearing music and learning rhymes . Press the light-up flower button on top of the turtle’s head to hear three learning songs. Enjoy this new spin on learning!



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LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle-Details 1

Shape Sorting

Matching the shape blocks to the correct holes in the shell introduces five different shapes.
LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle-Details 2


Insert coloured blocks into the matching coloured holes in the shell.
LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle-Details 3

Spinning Fun

Press the butterfly button and the blocks will fly out.
LeapFrog SG-Sorting Surprise Turtle-Details 4

Flower Music Button

Press to light up the button and hear three learning songs.
Dimensions 6.81 × 9.21 × 4.84 cm

2 AA Batteries


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What is included: 5 blocks that are hollowed out and are missing the back side: Blue circle block with Number 1, Red heart block with Number 2, Purple triangle block with Number 3, Orange square block with Number 4 and Yellow star block with Number 5



Numbers, Colours, Shapes, Fine Motor Skills

The Learning Difference


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