Touch and Learn Dinosaur Book

Ages: 2 Years+

Dig into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and discover exciting facts in this dino-mite book! Touch the colorful pictures on 14 interactive pages to explore what dinosaurs are, where they lived, what they ate and more. Dig deeper to hear fun facts and learn how to pronounce popular dinosaur names. Let’s practice saying it together—Steg-O-Saur-Us! Switch to Find-It mode and answer questions by finding the correct pictures throughout the book. Press the music button to rock and roar along to three songs. Bravo-saurus!



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Touch and Learn

Press the touch-sensitive pictures across 14 pages and go on an adventure of dino-sized discoveries and interactive learning.

Dig in Mode

Start to explore prehistoric creatures and hear their roars to spark imagination.

Dig Deeper Mode

Explore more about dinosaurs, where they lived and what they ate to level up the learning.

Find-It Mode

Answer questions by finding and touching the correct picture to enhance observation skills.

Sound it Out

Discover how to pronounce the big names of dinosaurs to build phonetic skills.

Music Button

Roar like a dinosaur, hear their names and more in three songs.

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Vocabulary, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Science

The Learning Difference

“The Touch & Learn Dinosaur Book™ invites young explorers on an exciting journey through the world of prehistoric creatures. With fascinating facts and helpful pronunciations, each page not only supports kids’ curiosity about dinosaurs but also aids in their language development, listening skills, and interest in science.” Mollie Levin, M.A., LeapFrog Learning Expert


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