Ironing Time Learning Set
Ironing Time Learning Set
Ironing Time Learning Set
Ironing Time Learning Set
Ironing Time Learning Set
Ironing Time Learning Set
Ironing Time Learning Set
Ironing Time Learning Set

Ironing Time Learning Set

Ages: 18 months – 4 years

Motion-activated iron and play clothes set teaches colors, numbers and shapes with a friendly iron that talks to kids as they play.



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Ironing Time Learning Set

Play learning activities

Play 10+ activities the iron suggests, like counting and finding shapes and colors.
Ironing Time Learning Set

Motion-activated play

Motion-activated iron plays songs, silly phrases and sound effects when kids move the iron back and forth.
Ironing Time Learning Set

Iron play clothes

Iron the three included play clothes items and explore colors, shapes and numbers on the clothes.
Ironing Time Learning Set

Build vocabulary

Watch the iron light up with the color it names to help kids learn words about colors.
Ironing Time Learning Set

Hear interactive phrases and questions

Three buttons teach kids about numbers, colors and shapes.
Ironing Time Learning Set

Turn the dial

Adjust the temperature dial to hear about colors, fabrics, and low, medium and high heat.
Ironing Time Learning Set

Steam sound effects

Realistic steam sound effects encourage children in imaginative play.

Weight 0.54 kg
Dimensions 25 × 24.1 × 13.3 cm

2 AA Batteries


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What is included: Ironing Time Learning Set™, Shirt, Shorts, Dress, Quick Start Guide



Numbers, Counting, Alphabet Song, Colors, Shapes, Pretend Play

The Learning Difference

“The Ironing Time Learning Set™ encourages pretend play while exploring cause and effect through motion-activated sound effects, learning songs, and counting. The iron’s buttons and dial and the included clothes encourage learning about numbers, colors and shapes.” Pamela G., Ph.D., LeapFrog Learning Expert


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