LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer 1
LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer 1
LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer-Video
LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer 2
LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer 3

Tumble & Learn Colour Mixer

Ages: 6-36 months old

A learning light show!

Drop a colourful ball into the mixer to change the colour of the truck. Add another ball and mix the balls together to learn how to create new colours.



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LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer-Details 1

It’s colour mixing time

Add two balls to the mixer and press the lever to learn how to make new colour combinations.
LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer-Details 2

Vivid colours

Drop the balls in the mixer to see it light up and teach colours.
LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer-Details 3

Three play modes

Young construction workers can explore music, numbers, shapes and colours.
LeapFrog SG-Tumble and Learn Colour Mixer-Details 4

Musical fun

Enjoy five colourful learning songs and more than 15 sound effects.

2 AA Batteries


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Numbers, Colours, Shapes, Music & Rhythm

The Learning Difference

“The Tumble & Learn Colour Mixer™ offers fun, guided pretend play that builds early colour and counting skills. With each drop of a colour ball, children explore colour names and colour mixing. As children push the truck along, they exercise their developing motor and hand-eye coordination skills.” – Clement Chau, PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert


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