RockIt Twist™

Ages: 4-8 years old

Twist, turn, play and learn with the RockIt Twist™ rotatable, single-player game system with three profiles! Four sides of colourful, light-up controls include buttons, dials, a spinner, slider, switch and D-pad to provide a totally unique way to play exciting video games. During gameplay, one of the eight-game controls will light up to indicate when each control is needed throughout a game. Nurture three adorable virtual RockIt Pets™ that hatch and grow from eggs. 12 preloaded games across five gameplay categories have three levels of difficulty that help kids learn skills including literacy, math, problem-solving, science and creativity all while having fun! Since there’s no need for Wi-Fi, kids can play anywhere. Listen to your own music with the built-in MP3 player. Volume controls and a headphone jack are also included. Game packs (sold separately) include more games, plus a new virtual pet and a RockIt Pet™ figure to match. For ages 4-8 years. Rechargeable batteries included.


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Light-up game controls

Four sides of light-up controls to turn and play like dials, switches, spinners and buttons that surround the screen for a unique play experience.
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Learning games

Explore literacy, math, problem solving, science, creativity and social-emotional skills through three levels of age-appropriate curriculum.
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Virtual RockIt Pets™

Nurture, play and grow three virtual pets.
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Soft bumper

Protective bumper is designed to help protect against short drops.
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MP3 Player

Add your own music via USB and play it using the built-in speaker with volume control or plug headphones (sold separately) into the headphone jack.
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Compact and portable

Perfectly sized for kids’ hands and doesn’t require Wi-Fi so it’s great for on-the-go play.
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Three profiles

Includes two regular profiles and a guest account. Both regular profiles can save their progress and grow their own pets.

Themed game packs

Download more games, plus get a new RockIt Pet™ and a figure to match (each sold separately).
System Requirements

Available USB port


1, 2, 3


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What is included: RockIt Twist, Wrist Strap, Parent's Guide



[“Problem Solving”,”Creative Expression”,”Social Skills”,”Science”,”Literacy”,”Mathematics”]

The Learning Difference

Kids are going to love this because it has so many ways to play. The eight different controls light up to show them which controls they need to play the game. Since there’s a variety of controls along the outside, kids get a unique new way to play video games. The games also have three different learning levels to keep kids challenged. It also includes three virtual RockIt Pets™, which are great considering the resurgence of Giga Pets and Tamagotchi. Game packs (don’t call them expansion packs, those words are taboo) are also cool because they include more games, a new virtual pet and a figurine to match. It also has an MP3 player so kids can add their own music.

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