Fridge Phonics
Fridge Phonics
Fridge Phonics
Fridge Phonics
Fridge Phonics

Fridge Phonics

Ages: 2-5 years old

Play with 26 interactive alphabet tiles!

Sing along to fun learning songs and explore the world of A to Z with colourful letter tiles that talk, sing and teach about the alphabet.



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Sing-along fun

Celebrate A to Z with fun learning songs, including the "Alphabet Song" and "Wheels on the Bus."
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Build vocabulary

Press any letter twice to hear Tad use it in a word and a sentence.
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Say it, sound it

Place any letter on the bus and press it once to hear Tad say the letter’s name and sound.
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Explore letters

Kids can learn the alphabet by placing individual magnetic letter tiles on the bus window.
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What is included: Magnetic Tile Reader, 26 Interactive Magnetic Tiles, Parent Guide



Fine Motor Skills, The Alphabet, Phonics, Vocabulary

The Learning Difference

Designed by LeapFrog experts for children ages 2 and older, Fridge Phonics reinforces alphabet knowledge, including letter names and sounds, which is an important first step in learning to read. Playing with the letter tiles, which are designed for easy manipulation by little hands, also helps strengthen fine motor and coordination skills


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