LeapStart® Go Pen – Pink Bundle (with Free Book worth $23.5 + LeapFrog Backpack)

Ages: 4-8 years old
Learn in an exciting new way with the innovative LeapStart® Go interactive learning system. This sleek, easy-to-hold stylus triggers videos and audio responses using the adjustable 1.44” LCD screen and built-in speaker. LeapStart® Go makes it easier for preschool through first-grade kids to understand more advanced information with activity sets like The Human Body and School Success (sold separately). Cool interactive video effects let kids zoom in, explore and interact with a variety of learning concepts by touching the stylus on interactive charts, book pages and more. Holds up to 13 LeapStart® animated books. A computer with an Internet connection is required to download books and activity sets onto the LeapStart® system. Not compatible with LeapReader® books. Intended for ages 4-8 years. Rechargeable lithium battery included.


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LeapStart® Go is a complete learning system that magically brings books to life with audio and video to provide a deeper learning experience that goes beyond basic skills.
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Unique, interactive learning

This portable system works with deluxe activity sets (sold separately) that feature fold-out pages, interactive charts and stickers. Plus, the flexibility to work with other books from the LeapStart® library.
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Videos take learning to another level

Videos can enhance learning by illustrating more advanced concepts in an easy way or by showing examples that deepen understanding.
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Teaches important skills

Each book seamlessly blends fun with the reading, math, problem-solving and creativity skills that are important to a child’s development for a comprehensive introduction to key concepts.
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More ways to play

Each book features more than 30 activities. Most activities have two levels so kids can play and learn at the right level and move up when they're ready. LeapStart® Go holds up to 13 animated books.
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Cool tech for the next generation

The innovative stylus features a 1.44” adjustable LCD screen, speaker, a headphone jack for quiet play and a rechargeable battery.
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Grows with you

Progress from preschool to first grade and beyond with 25+ books and two deluxe activity sets that teach reading, math, science, problem-solving and more (sold separately).
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In the know on the go

The stylus is compact and easy-to-carry so it's great for car rides or road trips.
Dimensions 1.8 × 1.8 × 6.5 cm



[“Social Skills”,”Critical Thinking”,”Reading”,”Mathematics”,”Science”,”Creativity”]

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