LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout 1
LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout 1
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LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout-Video
LeapFrog SG-My Pal Violet 1
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My Puppy Pal

Ages: 6 – 36 months

Personalize this snuggly interactive puppy with a tablet, smart phone, or computer for learning fun with a true friend



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LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout-Details 1

Easy to personalize

Connect Scout to your smart phone, tablet or computer for easy personalization while he’s still in the box.
LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout-Details 2

Says your child's name

Teach Scout your child’s name, and he will say it and spell it with your child.
LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout-Details 3

Daytime fun

Explore more than 15 learning activities that you can personalize with your child’s favorite animal, food and color.
LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout-Details 4

40+ songs

Sing, play and move along to upbeat melodies and learning songs, and get ready for sleep with gentle lullabies.
LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout-Details 5

Nighttime soothing

Snuggle up with 5, 10 or 15 minutes of lullabies, set at your choice of volume levels.
LeapFrog SG-My Pal Scout-Details 6

A true learning pal

Children can learn colors, counting and first words, and explore feelings and emotions with a new best friend.
Weight 0.66 kg
Dimensions 6.75 × 9.5 × 11.5 cm

3 AA Batteries


Scout, Violet

System Requirements

Smartphone, tablet or computer with 3.5mm headphone jack, High-speed Internet connection

Browser Requirements

Android ™: 4.0 browser or Chrome™ (latest version), iOS: Safari 5.0+ or Chrome™ (latest version), Mac Computer: Safari 5.0 (or newer), Chrome™ (latest version), or Mozilla® Firefox® (latest version), PC: Internet Explorer® 9.0+, Chrome™ (latest version), or Mozilla® Firefox® (latest version)


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What is included: My Pal Scout Toy, Parent Guide



Colors, Counting, Feelings & Emotions, First Words & Phrases

The Learning Difference

My Pal Scout introduces a variety of early learning concepts from numbers to routines and music. As a loyal learning buddy, Scout prompts kids to interact with him socially and encourages them to talk and sing along to build early language skills.


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