LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker 1
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker 1
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker 2
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker 3
Scout's Get Up & Go Walker™

Scout's Get Up & Go Walker™

Ages: 3-36 months old

Grow, Explore and Learn with Scout!

Easily transforms from a baby gym to a detachable floor-play panel to a walker. It also features three play modes for listening to music, playing learning games and getting active



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LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker-Details 1

Grow with me

Easily transforms from a baby gym to a light-up activity panel and into a walker.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker-Details 2

Three play modes

Modes include Music, Play & Learn and Get Active and play music, introduce colors, shapes, letters and numbers or encourage movement.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker-Details 3

Interactive play

14 manipulative features include piano keys, a phone, peek-a-boo door, book page, bead spinner, high-five paw, toy gears and two dangling toys.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker-Details 4

Sounds and music

Playful songs, music and phrases introduce colours, shapes, letters and numbers.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker-Details 5

Customisable wheels

Set the wheels at different speeds to match your child's ability level.
LeapFrog SG-Scouts Get Up & Go Walker-Details 6

Colour-changing dome

Watch the dome light up in six different colours to enhance the music and learning.
Weight 3.53 kg
Dimensions 41.91 × 54.61 × 20 cm

2 AA Batteries


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What is included: Two detachable legs and one detachable handle



Numbers, Colours, Shapes, Gross Motor Skills, The Alphabet, Music & Rhythm, Word Building

The Learning Difference

“Scout’s Get Up & Go Walker™ is designed to grow with infants as they transition through their early milestones. With multiple configurations to play, Scout’s Get Up & Go Walker engages children to reach out, sit up and stand. Three levels of content support learning through these stages, from developing sensory skills to learning first words and phrases.” – Clement Chau, PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert


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